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Summer & Colton | Tallahassee, FL

Florist: Missy Gunnels Flowers

Caterer: Simply Entertaining

Entertainment: Amplify Entertainment

Makeup: Soleil 7

Rentals:  Fairytales Weddings and Terri Smith Details


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Sallie & Matt

It was just another day at work for Miss Sallie.   But the date also marked Sallie and Matt’s four years together.

She was excited as she went on with her day thinking about how they would celebrate their little anniversary.

Maybe dinner and a movie?

Right about this time, one of her students came in with a rose and handed it to her.  This happened three more times until she was holding four perfect red roses.

Than Matt walked into the room, followed by the whole school.  He got on one knee and asked Miss Sallie to be his wife.

Best Anniversary ever!

Wedding and Reception:  Wildwood Resort

Wedding Coordinator:  Brenna Kelly

Florist:  Wakulla Florist

Rentals:  In Tent Events

Caterer:  Klassic Katering

Makeup:  Melissa Peters

Band:  19 South

First Dance Song:  First Dance by Corey Smith

Sara & Sydney | Tallahassee Wedding Photographer


They were both invited to a mutual friend’s football party four years ago.

Sara, the pretty girl with the endearing  smile and sweet voice.  Sydney, the center of attention and everyone’s best friend.

Sara overheard Sydney discussing his future plans of four wheeling on the dry lake by his home.  Sara, was all game and the next day they headed off on their first ‘unofficial’ date.

This past Saturday, they made it official!

Wedding & Reception:  Strickland’s

Caterer:  Susan Shelfer

Entertainment: Rust with Pro DJs

Florist:  Snapdragons Events

First Dance:  “There’s No Way”  by Alabama