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Kim & David | Wakulla Springs Lodge

Kim and David shared a work-related friendship for almost 10 years.

After about five years, the two began to stay after hours talking in the company parking lot.

An unspoken love began to grow between Kim and David for two years.

One evening, a friendly co-worker walked past the two stating, “You know you can take her to dinner instead of talking in the parking lot!”

That first official date lead to many more. The beginning of forever.

Flowers: Missy Gunnels Flowers

Dress: Vocelles | The Bridal Shoppe

Rentals: Terri Smith Details

Entertainment: DJ Scully

First Dance: A Woman Like You by Lee Brice

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Megan & Justin | Golden Eagle Wedding Photography

It was their college years.  Getting a little taste of independence and enjoying their freedom.

They both found themselves at their perspective Sorority and Fraternity Social.  Justin noticed the pretty blonde that everyone surrounded to listen to her funny stories in her cute ‘Southern Drawl’ voice.

It took a little maneuvering but he was able to get Miss Megan to notice him and they ended up talking the night away.

Wedding and Reception:  Golden Eagle Country Club

Wedding Coordinator:  Michelle Griggs

Florist:  Missy Gunnels Flowers

Makeup:  Makeup by Meghan

Wedding Dress:  Vocelles | The Bridal Shoppe

Entertainment:  Steve Christian’s Party Mix

First Dance:  ‘ Then ‘ by Brad Paisley

Kellee & Michael | Pebble Hill Wedding Photographer

Their friend just knew if Kellee and Michael could meet, they would hit it off.  Plus it was a good reason to have a little party.

The party was going strong but Kellee and Michael did not know what the other looked liked.  Somehow, they met on their own and ended up talking the night away.

Fast forward three years and their wedding was held this past Saturday at majestic Pebble Hill!

Congratulations!  Have fun, get tanned and drink lots of frosty beverages in Aruba.

Wedding and Reception:  Pebble Hill Plantation

Cake:  Cindy Morrell

Makeup:  Meghan Horne

DJ:  DJ Nate Bragg

Florist:  Singletary’s

Caterer:  LBD Catering

Bartending: Lisa’s Bartenders

Hair Stylist:  Sara Kimmel

Thanks to Austin for the next two!

Taylor & Eddie | Southwood Wedding Photography

Taylor and Erica have been best friends since childhood.

Even when they went on to cheer for rival schools, Taylor for FSU and Erica for Florida, they stayed the best of friends and made sure to visit each other often.

On one of these visits, Taylor met Eddie, a Florida Gator football player.

It was instant chemistry and both were smitten with each other but very shy about their feelings.

Their friends decided to rowdy things up by getting them to go on their first date at a Monster Truck Jam! They let loose and this past Saturday, everyone let loose and celebrated their new life together as husband and wife.

Slideshow of the wedding will be up on Friday.

They saw each other before the ceremony.  Taylor and Eddie’s mom helped her get to the spot.  Love this image.

And the bridesmaids were there too.

Pulled out Frankie to get some dollhouse shots.

I get such great reactions when I tell Eddie how HOT he looks.

There were a lot of Seminoles and Gators at this wedding and they all got along great.

Taylor and all her FSU cheerleaders!

How about some MAGIC!  The Magic Shot.

And a Dollhouse Shot.