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Lacy & Brandon

It all started in middle school.  But it only lasted a week for these two.

Than in High School, they saw each other again and that little spark was ignited.

Seven years later, they celebrated their anniversary of being in love by going out to dinner.

At the end of the night, Lacy was a little upset, she was hoping for a ring but no ring and not even a card!

Brandon, waited.  Waited till the next morning.  Waited on one knee.  Waited with a ring.  Waited to ask his  ‘girl’ to be his wife.

Lacy did not wait one nano second to say ‘YES!’.


Wedding and Reception:  Uno Hill Barn at Pebble Hill Plantation

Florist:  A Country Rose

Cake:  Sandy Stone

First Dance:  You’re My Kind of Woman, You’re My Kind of Man by Vince Gill





Georgiana & Lee | Pebble Hill Wedding Photography

New Year’s Eve in Savannah, GA is magical.  Especially if you add a carriage ride and a little champagne into the mix.

As they were slowly making their way through the city streets taking in the moss trees, haunted houses and the locals, they stopped at Johnson’s Square to watch one of the street artist.

Georgiana, lost in her little world, barely felt the tap on her shoulder.  She turned around and there was Lee, clumsily getting on one knee.

She managed to get out a ‘Yes!’

After the celebration, Georgiana, realized that smart Lee, could not conceal the ring in the original box so he hid it in Georgiana’s dental floss!

Wedding and Reception: Pebble Hill Plantation

Florist:  Touch of Class

Rentals:  Miss Mandy’s

Cake:  Katie’s Cakes and Catering

Entertainment:  GT Entertainment