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Anna & Chris | Lichgate

When Anna passed over railroad tracks, she would lift her feet and make a wish.

Something she has always done.

Chris would smile and he too started making wishes. The same wish since meeting this beautiful and quirky girl sitting beside him.

On a trip to Frankfurt, Chris took Anna’s hand and walked her to the railroad tracks.

And for the first time let Anna know what he has been wishing for.


Dress: Vocelles | The Bridal Shoppe

Wedding Coordinator: Simply Entertaining

Caterer: Soul Vegetarian

First Dance Song: The Wedding Song by Angus & Julia Stone

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Jordan & Joshua | Vause Farm

Highschool sweethearts, Jordan and Josh, knew they were made for each other at an early age.

During a romantic evening dinner at a local restaurant, Josh surprised Jordan with the perfect end to their meal.

“Marry me?” written in every girls favorite – yes, chocolate.

What a “sweet” proposal.

Rentals:  Terri Smith Details

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Desta & Travis | Old Willis Dairy


Desta and Travis were enjoying the sun, sand and surf in the beautiful Bahamas with their best friends.

Travis whisked  Desta away to get a picture of just the two of them on a secluded beach.

As the drone flew in closer and closer for the picture, Desta noticed the sparkling engagement ring that dangled from the camera.

Travis proposed to Desta on the beach while all their friends were jumping and cheering with excitement and happiness on the boat.


Event Planner:  Dent Ward

Florist: Missy Gunnels Flowers

Rentals:  Terri Smith Details, Party Party Party and A-Z Rent All

Caterer: Cruton & Company

Bartender: On the Rocks

Entertainment: Tobacco Road

First Dance Song: “I Don’t Dance” – Lee Brice





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RJ & Will | Mission San Luis

It was just another normal day for YouTube vloggers RJ and Will… at least that’s what RJ believed.

Will had let viewers in on his secret earlier in the morning, sharing a close-up shot of the ring he would use to ask RJ to spend the rest of forever with him.

The two spent the day just like any other: recording vlogs, and spending time with friends.

Right before sunset, RJ and Will took their adorable puppy, Dobby, on his first trip to the beach.

Up on Point Dume Will turned to RJ, placing his hands on his shoulders and taking a deep breath.

“Will you spend the rest of your life with me?” Swoon.

Event Planner:  John Gandy Events


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