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Maggie & Lana | Goodwood Museum and Gardens

Maggie was happily settled in Greenville in her new home.
Mail would arrive every day for the previous owner, a gentleman by the name of Lana.  Piles on piles of letters arrived.
One day Maggie’s friend came over and noticed the mountain of mail and realized she knew the recipient of the letters.  They belong to Lana, an acquaintance.
And she immediately set it up where the two would meet.
Maggie delivered Lana’s mail to him with a smile that he could not resist.  Love.

Wedding Dress:  Le Spose de Gio Ballgown

Rentals:  Terri Smith Details & John Gandy Events

Florist: Hilly Fields

Cake: Sandy Stone

Makeup: Jamee Wright

Bartender: On the Rocks

Entertainment: The Rhythm Aces

First Dance Song: “That’s How Strong My Love Is” by Otis Redding

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