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Brittany & Jay | Eustis, FL

Jay had his eye on Brittany way before she even knew his name!  His nickname for her was “My Girl”.

Once Reachal (Brittany’s best friend since 6th grade) and Ridge (Jay’s best friend since 5th grade) were engaged to be married, Jay and Brittany were asked to be the Best Man and Maid of Honor. This was Jay’s chance to seal the deal.  And he did!  Brittany was finally “My Girl”.

For Brittany’s birthday, the two of them headed off for a little camping trip.

As the night came, the two cuddled up close to the fire getting ready to make Brittany’s favorite snack.  S’mores!

Chocolate, grahmam crackers and marshmellows were all layed out and ready for some s’mores making.

That’s when Jay pulled out a very special s’mores shaped box and got on one knee.  Love!



Flowers: Claudia’s Pearl Florist

Rentals: Party Time Rentals

Cake: Z’s Sweets and Tasty Treats

Caterer: Pisces Rising

Videographer:  Treasured Moments Video Productions

Entertainment: Event Concepts

First Dance Song:  Tangled Up in You by Aaron Lewis

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Katelyn & Todd

Todd and Katelyn were settling in to a night of grilling out on the fire kettle.  Something they love to do.

He had candles lit and hanging from trees, music playing and wine. They often have nights like this.

He told her she was a “good woman” and she said, “You make me want to be a good woman.”

And then, Todd got on his knees and asked,  “Will you be a good woman for me forever?  Will you marry me?”

Rentals: Terri Smith Details

Cake: Cindy Robinson

Makeup: Alissa Novak

Florist: Patricia Hughes

First Dance Song: “How Long Will I Love You”    – Ellie Goulding

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