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Shellie & Matt | Tallahassee Garden Club

Shellie and Matt met at a local hot spot.

The two hit it off immediately, talking all night and watching the sun come up.

They also shared their first kiss that same night.  This past weekend, they shared another first kiss!  As husband and wife.


Rentals: Terri Smith Details

Cake: ButterCream by LuLu

Entertainment: Sway Jah Vu

First Dance: Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

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Shannon & Chris | Lake Iamonia Lodge

On a “friendly” hiking trip in Tennessee, Shannon and Chris painted their hands on the top bluff of the mountain.

Chris finally managed to escape the “friend-zone” and the two started a new chapter.

A few years later, Shannon and Chris travelled back to that same bluff and reminisced over the years they spent together.

It was there that Chris got down on one knee and asked Shannon to marry him.  Chris is such a romantic!

Ceremony:  Christ Presbyterian Church

Rentals:  A to Z Rent All

Cake:  Sweet Inspirations

First Dance:  Tea for Two by Blossom Dearie


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Desta & Travis | Old Willis Dairy


Desta and Travis were enjoying the sun, sand and surf in the beautiful Bahamas with their best friends.

Travis whisked  Desta away to get a picture of just the two of them on a secluded beach.

As the drone flew in closer and closer for the picture, Desta noticed the sparkling engagement ring that dangled from the camera.

Travis proposed to Desta on the beach while all their friends were jumping and cheering with excitement and happiness on the boat.


Event Planner:  Dent Ward

Florist: Missy Gunnels Flowers

Rentals:  Terri Smith Details, Party Party Party and A-Z Rent All

Caterer: Cruton & Company

Bartender: On the Rocks

Entertainment: Tobacco Road

First Dance Song: “I Don’t Dance” – Lee Brice





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