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Sarah & Elliott | Grayton Beach Wedding

They met as Peace Corps volunteers in Nicaragua but did not have their first real conversation until Elliott was headed to Mexico.

A year later, they found themselves both in Denver.  They met up and the sparks were flying.  They spent the whole summer together and knew that they would spend the rest of their lives together too.

Ceremony:  Grayton Beach

Reception:  Grayt Grounds of Monet Monet

Event Planning:  It’s a Shore Thing

Florist:  Florals by the Sea

Cake:  Sweet Henriettas

Caterer:  Grayton Beach Catering

Entertainment:  Los Poboycitos

First Dance:  South Georgia Sugar Babe by Justin Townes Earl

Mary Beth & Nick | Santa Rosa Beach Wedding

It was Christmas morning and Mary Beth was taking much longer to get ready because she was

obsessed with the eye makeup kit that Nick had given her.

Standing in front of the mirror applying new colors to her eyes, she noticed Nick coming by several times to check in on her.

Hmmmm, that was not like Nick to be antsy.

Finally,  she was ready!  She turned towards the stairs and there was Nick with a itty bitty box in his hands and a big boyish grin.

Ceremony and Reception:  Bentley’s on the Bay

Entertainment:  GTS Entertainment

Videographer:  Mike Woods Videography

Florist:  Fishers Flowers

First Dance:  Better Man by James Morrison






Sarah & Robert | Santa Rosa Beach

After dating for almost seven years, Robert and Sarah left Tallahassee to catch a ferry to Dog Island.

Sarah grabbed a blanket, wrapped herself up in it and they went for a little walk on the beach.

As the walk continued Robert playfully asked “So ya like me?” “Yeah, of course,” Sarah answered.

Then another question from Robert “I want you to look at this seashell.”

Robert went from walking beside Sarah, stepped in front of her, bent down on one knee and pulled a seashell from his jacket pocket.  A ring sparkled in a box that sat propped open inside the seashell.

With his arm outstretched holding the seashell Robert asked, “Will you Marry me?”


Wedding and Reception:  Bentley’s on the Bay

Florist:  Fisher’s Flowers

Cake:  Sugar Lily’s Sweet Shop

Makeup:  Posh Daisy Salon

Entertainment:  GTS Entertainment with Himaiya Lowery

First Dance:  Because You Love Me by Celine Dion


Brynnan & Michael | Cabana Blue Wedding Photography


Brynnan and Michael had been dating for years and Brynnan was ready for a proposal!

One day, Michael asked if she wanted to go to dinner on Friday to celebrate his new job.

Yes!  Brynnan knew something was up because Michael never plans ahead.  Could Friday be THE PROPOSAL DAY?

Friday came and Brynnan was extra nervous but tried to hide it.  As the night went on she realized, nope, not tonight.

That’s ok.  She kept her plans of hanging out with her girlfriends and Michael went over to hang out with his brother-in-law.

While in her friend’s closet helping her friend pick out an outfit for an event, she heard a loud commotion.  Turns around and there is Michael, surrounded by all her girlfriends, on one knee, holding a huge ring!

p.s.  Michael was pulled over for speeding on the way to propose to Brynnan.  He explained to the officer the situation.  The officer let him go and said, “Good luck, man.”

Ceremony:  St. Rita Catholic Church

Reception:  Cabana Blue, Santa Rosa

Wedding Coordinator: Iris

Cake:  Sugarlilly Sweet Shop

Makeup:  Genevieve, Avant Garde Salon

First Dance:  Let’s Stay Together by Al Green