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Katie & Jordan | Southwood Wedding Photographer

They attended Middle School and High School together.  Always good friends.  They went their separate ways when college came around.  She at Auburn and he at Faulkner.

After college, they came back home to beautiful Tallahassee and started dating.

About six months after their first date, Jordan let Katie know that they were headed to Maclay Gardens to have family pictures taken with his family.

They arrived at the Garden and found themselves alone on the old brick pathway with a tunnel of grey moss above them.  Jordan got on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage!

Their little saying…

“In High School, Jordan was too cool for her.  In College, Katie was too cool for him.  Back home, they were cool for each other.”

Wedding and Reception:  Southwood House

Wedding Coordinator:  Cara Dollinger with Southwood House

Band:  Deep Water

Bartender:  On the Rocks

Florist:  Missy Gunnels Flowers

Monogramming:  Loli & the Bean

Makeup:  Melissa with Randi & Co.

Hair:  Kimberly with Bella Hair Design

Videography:  Waterford Productions

Cake:  Katie’s Cakes and Catering

First Dance:  Cross my Heart by George Strait

Kellee & Michael | Pebble Hill Wedding Photographer

Their friend just knew if Kellee and Michael could meet, they would hit it off.  Plus it was a good reason to have a little party.

The party was going strong but Kellee and Michael did not know what the other looked liked.  Somehow, they met on their own and ended up talking the night away.

Fast forward three years and their wedding was held this past Saturday at majestic Pebble Hill!

Congratulations!  Have fun, get tanned and drink lots of frosty beverages in Aruba.

Wedding and Reception:  Pebble Hill Plantation

Cake:  Cindy Morrell

Makeup:  Meghan Horne

DJ:  DJ Nate Bragg

Florist:  Singletary’s

Caterer:  LBD Catering

Bartending: Lisa’s Bartenders

Hair Stylist:  Sara Kimmel

Thanks to Austin for the next two!