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School’s Out For The Summer!

School’s out Forever!  Remember that awesome song from the Ramones?

It’s the anthem going on at our home.

First day of summer break and we get the best down pour we have had in awhile!

Threw on our bathing suits and headed outside for some fun!

Brynnan & Michael | Cabana Blue Wedding Photography


Brynnan and Michael had been dating for years and Brynnan was ready for a proposal!

One day, Michael asked if she wanted to go to dinner on Friday to celebrate his new job.

Yes!  Brynnan knew something was up because Michael never plans ahead.  Could Friday be THE PROPOSAL DAY?

Friday came and Brynnan was extra nervous but tried to hide it.  As the night went on she realized, nope, not tonight.

That’s ok.  She kept her plans of hanging out with her girlfriends and Michael went over to hang out with his brother-in-law.

While in her friend’s closet helping her friend pick out an outfit for an event, she heard a loud commotion.  Turns around and there is Michael, surrounded by all her girlfriends, on one knee, holding a huge ring!

p.s.  Michael was pulled over for speeding on the way to propose to Brynnan.  He explained to the officer the situation.  The officer let him go and said, “Good luck, man.”

Ceremony:  St. Rita Catholic Church

Reception:  Cabana Blue, Santa Rosa

Wedding Coordinator: Iris

Cake:  Sugarlilly Sweet Shop

Makeup:  Genevieve, Avant Garde Salon

First Dance:  Let’s Stay Together by Al Green

Kaeley & Mike | Bentley’s on the Bay Wedding

Kaeley was visiting Mike in Wisconsin.  Lots of fun stuff planned for the weekend.  Including catching a Jimmy Buffet concert.

Mike also wanted Kaeley to check out the renovations at the family’s lake house in Whitewater.

Holding her hand, he lead her to the porch.  When Kaeley turned the corner, she saw flowers and candles.  Odd.

She turned to Mike to question this strange scene.

There he was on one knee and a nervous grin.

Wedding and Reception:  Bentley’s on the Bay, Santa Rosa Beach

Wedding Coordinator:  Laura Pleas Ekstrom

Florist:  Botaniq

Cake:  Sugarlilly Sweet Shop

Entertainment:  Gulf Talent

First Dance:  When You’ve Got a Good Thing by Lady Antebellum

Megan & Justin | Golden Eagle Wedding Photography

It was their college years.  Getting a little taste of independence and enjoying their freedom.

They both found themselves at their perspective Sorority and Fraternity Social.  Justin noticed the pretty blonde that everyone surrounded to listen to her funny stories in her cute ‘Southern Drawl’ voice.

It took a little maneuvering but he was able to get Miss Megan to notice him and they ended up talking the night away.

Wedding and Reception:  Golden Eagle Country Club

Wedding Coordinator:  Michelle Griggs

Florist:  Missy Gunnels Flowers

Makeup:  Makeup by Meghan

Wedding Dress:  Vocelles | The Bridal Shoppe

Entertainment:  Steve Christian’s Party Mix

First Dance:  ’ Then ‘ by Brad Paisley