Lauren & Tyler | St. George Wedding Photographer

It was a packed house and Lauren in her cute little outfit was serving it up hot and fresh at Po Boys.  In came in her good friend, JD.  He was not alone.

Tyler with the dazzling smile, also walked through those doors.

The small talk and flirting ensued and Lauren was smitten.  She did not want this day to end.

It never ended.

Tyler, Lauren and Lulu Belle tied the knot this past Saturday at St. George.

The ’69ers’ were all in attendance and some of us learned that not only is the bride beautiful but has the voice of an angel when she serenaded her groom a  capella.

Click here for the full screen version or see below for the slideshow.

Wedding and Reception:  Kyma House

Wedding Coordinator:  Dent Ward

Dress:  Priscilla of Boston

Florist:  Vicki Currington

DJ:  Denny Alexander

Caterer:  Susan Shelfer

Cake:  Rhonda Tull

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