The P Family

This is my first time doing four siblings under the age of six!  And it was a piece of cake.  They are all so sweet and loved it when I danced and made funny noises just for them.

Meet the gang.

Little McKinley is going to have just a little problem when it comes to high school.  Yep, all her many admirers will have to go through three big brothers and a dad to get to take her out on a date.

Cavan.  He just lost a front tooth and could not be any cuter with that infectious smile.

Elliot.  He was always the first one to laugh at all my silly antics.  He just steals your heart.

Little man Tucker.  Easily, hands down, the daredevil of the bunch.  You are so gonna worry your parents when you are older.  But he will just look at mommy and daddy with those baby blues and they will give in to him getting a motorcyle, jumping out of airplanes, alligator wrangling…

Miss McKinley.  Guess what, no hand me down clothes for you!  One good thing about being the only girl in the bunch.  And cause you are the only girl, daddy has already come to terms that you will get everything you want (when mommy’s not looking).

I got one of McKinley making the little ‘O’ with her mouth.

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