Alexander Vaughn

It’s raining babies!  As I was leaving Jack Walker’s room at the hospital, I ran into Mr. G in the elevator, who took me straight to see little Alexander Vaughn.  Also born on the same day as Jack Walker.  What a coincidence.

March 27, 2009 | 10:27am | 8lbs 5oz | 20 inches

Sleeping peacefully when I first arrived.  What a precious little bundle.  Already decked out in monogram.

I love his little face here.  I have a picture of Roxanne, brand spanking new, with this same look.

I found the picture of Roxanne with the same look just not as intense as Alexander Vaughn.  This picture was taken by Aunt Stephie cause I really wasn’t in the mood for picture taken on the day she arrived.  Imagine that.

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