Makenzie’s Belly

Makenzie flew all the way from Colorado just so I could shoot her cute little belly. Ok, maybe she came to town to spend Thanksgiving with her family and wanted to add some belly shots to her week. You say tomato, I say tamato.

First, the belly shot.

Makenzie and Shawn know how to work the camera. I like the edgy, laid back, attitude feel of these images.

Meet my all time favorite belly shot. Beautiful belly and body!

Shawn is already protective over his little one. I love it when Dads are already in love before they even see their baby. Bruce just thought I was gaining weight at a rapid speed.

They are waiting for the birth day to find out if they need to purchase a black baker skateboard or a pink one with little rhinestones.

And a picture with just some of the people they will be spending Thanksgiving day with.

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