Rachel & Michael

Rachel, a little girl that dreamed of castles, fairies and glass slippers.

The Disney weekend that she had planned was finally here!  She was going to experience this magical land with her Prince Charming, Michael.

Once they got in, Michael decided that he needed to eat before any rides so that he would feel his best.

They ended up at the Castle to see if there were any cancellations.  Sure enough, somehow, Michael’s name made it on the reservation system and Rachel was ecstatic.

Seated at the best seat in the house, overlooking Fantasy Land, every Princesses came by to say hello and asked Rachel if she found her Prince Charming.

When dessert arrived it came in a covered platter.  Rachel lifted the lid to find a glass slipper in a bed of roses.

Michael went to one knee and asked his Princess to marry him in front of the entire restaurant.

Wedding:  Temple Israel

Reception:  The Woman’s Club

Caterer:  Klassic Katering

Dress:  Vocelles | The Bridal Shoppe

Florist:  Missy Gunnels

Makeup:  Green Peridot

Bartender:  Last Call

Entertainment:  Southern Satisfaction

First Dance:  It Had to Be You

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