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Jordan & Joshua | Vause Farm

Highschool sweethearts, Jordan and Josh, knew they were made for each other at an early age.

During a romantic evening dinner at a local restaurant, Josh surprised Jordan with the perfect end to their meal.

“Marry me?” written in every girls favorite – yes, chocolate.

What a “sweet” proposal.

Rentals:  Terri Smith Details

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Summer & Colton | Tallahassee, FL

Florist: Missy Gunnels Flowers

Caterer: Simply Entertaining

Entertainment: Amplify Entertainment

Makeup: Soleil 7

Rentals:  Fairytales Weddings and Terri Smith Details


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Ashley & Dwayne | Pebble Hill Plantation

Ashley and Dwayne were setup by mutual friends on a blind date.

Little did they know, they would get up close and personal first thing: they went on a (freezing cold) fishing trip.

Cuddling, fishing… it was love ever since.

On a trip to the Bahamas, Dwayne knew that he had to find the perfect time and place to pop the question.

As the two were leaving port, the Island sunset began to paint the sky.

Dwayne dropped down to one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?” Swoon.

Rentals: A-Z Rent All

Cake: Angie McIntosh Booker

Makeup: 5th Avenue Hair and Makeup

Entertainment: Public Address

First Dance: Somebody’s Doing Me Right – Keith Whitley


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Shannon & Chris | Lake Iamonia Lodge

On a “friendly” hiking trip in Tennessee, Shannon and Chris painted their hands on the top bluff of the mountain.

Chris finally managed to escape the “friend-zone” and the two started a new chapter.

A few years later, Shannon and Chris travelled back to that same bluff and reminisced over the years they spent together.

It was there that Chris got down on one knee and asked Shannon to marry him.  Chris is such a romantic!

Ceremony:  Christ Presbyterian Church

Rentals:  A to Z Rent All

Cake:  Sweet Inspirations

First Dance:  Tea for Two by Blossom Dearie


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