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Her ‘soon to be here’ little boy already has a nickname… ‘Hurry Up Ford’.


Jessica & Cody | Athens, GA

Laura & Tim | Sarasota Wedding

Their first date lasted 12 hours.  Much longer than either of them anticipated.

The date ended but they both knew that it was the beginning for them.

In February of 2012, with his parent’s blessings, Tim asked Laura’s parents for her hand in marriage.  They were beyond happy with Tim’s intentions.

So it was a go!

One morning,  Tim looked over at Laura and said they should have a fun little game of scrabble.

They played for about half an hour when clumsy Tim dropped his letter tray, scattering his letters all across the floor.

As he was putting his tray back on the table, Tim reached in his pockets, pulled out new letters and placed them on the tray.  Than he turned to Laura and asked for help in finding a good word.

Her attempts lead to words like ‘R-A-M’ and ‘Y-A-M’.  Nope, that was not gonna work.

Tim exclaimed he had a great word.  He spelled out…  ‘MARRY ME’.

Wedding:  St. Armand’s Key Lutheran Church

Reception:  Hyatt Regency

Entertainment:  CD Mann

First Dance:  Unforgettable by Nat King Cole

Sarah & Robert | Santa Rosa Beach

After dating for almost seven years, Robert and Sarah left Tallahassee to catch a ferry to Dog Island.

Sarah grabbed a blanket, wrapped herself up in it and they went for a little walk on the beach.

As the walk continued Robert playfully asked “So ya like me?” “Yeah, of course,” Sarah answered.

Then another question from Robert “I want you to look at this seashell.”

Robert went from walking beside Sarah, stepped in front of her, bent down on one knee and pulled a seashell from his jacket pocket.  A ring sparkled in a box that sat propped open inside the seashell.

With his arm outstretched holding the seashell Robert asked, “Will you Marry me?”


Wedding and Reception:  Bentley’s on the Bay

Florist:  Fisher’s Flowers

Cake:  Sugar Lily’s Sweet Shop

Makeup:  Posh Daisy Salon

Entertainment:  GTS Entertainment with Himaiya Lowery

First Dance:  Because You Love Me by Celine Dion