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Cassidy & John | Thomasville Engagement Photographer

Cassidy and John have been long time friends.  They both headed off in different directions for college but their hometown of  Thomasville called them back home.

There they realized that they were more than friends.

Cassidy enjoys putting  puzzles together.  The logic and patience it takes to get the desired result is all so satisfying.

John knowing this, had his picture taken in front of the historic Big Oak with a sign that read, ” Will You Marry Me?”

He had it made into a puzzle and handed the puzzle box over to his lady love.

Best puzzle she ever solved!

Annie & Dan | Maclay Gardens Wedding Photography


Annie and Dan were at their favorite restaurant in Atlanta, The Flying Biscuit.

At the end of their meal, they ordered the incredible chocolate cream cheese muffins.

The server brought out a heart shaped red plate with lots of muffins.  Annie was in heaven!

As Annie started on the muffins, delicately selecting each one and enjoying every bite, she noticed something was written on the plate.

“Annie, will you marry me?”

Wedding and Reception:  Maclay Gardens

Event Coordinator:  Carolyn Langston of Fairytale Weddings

Cake:  Au Peche Mignon

Caterer:  Food Glorious Food

Makeup:  Randi Buchanan

First Dance:  ‘At Last’ by Etta James


Valentine’s Day

Last week, out of the blue, Bruce decided we needed a new microwave.  So off we go!

Of course my champagne tasting husband purchased the most expensive one from Best Buy.

I am pretty sure, tomorrow, when I wake up, there will be a big bow on that  microwave and a card that reads “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

It’s ok.  ‘Cause he gave me the best Valentine present I have ever gotten!

I received it on April Fools Day of 2006.





Six months old and already letting mommy and daddy get a good night sleep!

Best gift any new parents could ask for… sleep.

Happy Valentine’s Day!