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Claire Elise

She’s two years old and ready to explore her world.  From running to peek-a-boo and hunting for ducks.  On the go at all times with me running right behind her getting plenty of exercise.

She has the cheeks that chipmunks are envious of.


Katherine & Robert | Savannah Wedding Photographer

One of the members of Phish was playing at a local bar.  Robert and Katherine both went and happened to find themselves, two strangers, sitting next to each other enjoying the music.

A conversation started and sparks flew.

A year later, they brought home Suzie Q, a little mutt of a puppy.  They soon found out, training a puppy was a lot of work.

One day, Robert gave Suzie Q a little velvet bag to carry around in her mouth.

He shouted to Katherine that Suzie Q had something in her mouth and to get it before she destroyed or swallowed it.

As Katherine was pulling out the ring out of the wet, slobby bag, Robert was getting on one knee.

Wedding and Reception:  Mackey House | Savannah, Georgia



My friend, Karri, has a heart of gold.

She foster fur babies until they find their forever home.

Brutus was not suppose to be fostered.  He had a mass on his face and was going to be put down.  Karri stepped in and adopted Brutus on the spot and was determined to get help for all his medical needs.

That was two years ago.  Brutus’s mass turned out to be a canine tooth that  was pushed up to his face due to trauma ( no telling what brave Brutus went through before he was rescued).

Brutus now has his forever home.  A family of six are coming from Jacksonville to pick up their bundle of love all wrapped up in happy slobber.



Fall For The Boy…