Monthly Archives: July 2011

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She is an easy laugh.  All it takes is a game of peek-a-boo and she is giggling up a storm.

Kelli, Erika and Heather

Three girls living the studious college life.  Too busy attending classes and studying to ever go out, even on a Friday night.






Madelyn Grace and William Stewart

These two get to grow up on the prettiest beach, Cape San Blas.  Loving the smell of the ocean, playing in the warm surf and enjoying beautiful sunsets.

That’s the life.




Addie, Mollie and Liam

Two beautiful redheads with their blonde cousin, Liam.

Mollie with the curly red hair already loves shoes at the tender age 1.5 years old.

Addie, she’ the little tomboy that will run straight into the woods to hunt for lizards and frogs.

Liam, a fanatic for Buzz Lightyear and his dinosaur shoes (Converse).