Monthly Archives: July 2011

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For Roxanne…

T Rex

Stacie & Robert | Thomasville Wedding Photographer

Wedding Reception:  Uno Hill Barn at Pebble Hill Plantation

Florist:  Singletary’s Flowers and Gifts

Cake:  Amy Perryman

First Dance:  “Me and You”  Kenny Chesney


My Lovies

T Rex just turned six!  He still my moody, brooding little James Dean.  Usually grumpy until the ladies come around.  Than he lights up and lets them all know that he will happily date all of them.

He’s protective over Roxanne and prefers her to not talk to any other boys.  He also informed me that his name is now Brachiosaurus.

My little boy.  Love you more than a rainy day.

T Rex, Roxanne and Johnnie

And here’s an update on Willow Storm aka The Six Million Dollar Cat.  Yep, that was about how much it cost to put our little Willow back together again.

He is doing great.  Every morning he climbs into bed to wake up Roxy by nursing in her hair, purring the whole time.  She makes little beds for him all over the house and already let me know that when she gets her own  house that Willow is going with her  (she promised to take me too if I am good).