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Stacy & Kevin | St. George Island

He purchased the ring in December.

Held on to it till it was warm, beautiful and romantic weather for the beach.

They took a trip to the beach house in April and with the sun setting over the Bay, he got on one knee and asked his lady love of five years to be his one and only.




We Have a Winner!

Roxy Rox wanted to wear her new robot shirt for this little event.  We tried brushing her hair but easily gave up.

We had two Carolines enter the contest.  This is the Caroline that selected dress #2 and based on her email, I believer her last name is Conway.  Congratulations!  I will email you shortly so that you can claim your $100 gift card to Target.

I love the middle picture of Rox.  About the only thing she got from Bruce is her amazing eye color.  But if you notice the dark ring in her iris… that is from me!  My eyebrows, my nose, my eye shape, my lips and my personality.  But that big old head of hers is all Bruce!


The S Family


Farrah & Paul