Monthly Archives: March 2011

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Sarah & Chris | St. Marks

They both showed up at a mutual friend’s get together.  Chris asked for the pretty girl’s number and promptly called the next day.

One week after that meeting, they were out on a boat when Chris was asked how long he and Sarah had been dating.  Chris looked at Sarah and asked if she would be his girl.  She said yes.

He turned to his friend and said “One day.”

Wedding in July.

Zeus, their rescued fur baby came along for the fun.


The C Family

Spring is here and time to enjoy a little sunshine.

Kayla, Maddie and Mason.


Mommy loves her little Mason.  He has already conquered one heart surgery and probably has one more to go.  Then it will be a lot of scarying mommy with reptiles and bugs.


The A Family

Laura & Jeff

They were visiting Washington D.C. in January and they decided to check out the Botanical Gardens.

It was nice to be enclosed in a beautiful, warm, green and lush area right in the middle of winter.

It was quiet and peaceful… until Jeff got on one knee and proposed to Laura.  Then the laughter and celebration rocked that little garden.

Wedding this May at another garden, Leu Gardens in Orlando!