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Erin Beth

She’s half Russian, half Polish and all Sugan n Spice.  Right after my sister, she is the nicest, beautiful person I know.

She went from Las Vegas to Miami and now back to California to pursue her modeling career.  She made a pit stop in Tallahassee just to get more headshots from little old me.

I know you are single and concentrating on your career right now but I call DIBS on your wedding.

Love Story

This was on Oprah yesterday.

Rachel and Christian met in college and fell in love.  Ten years and two little boys later, Christian was diagnosed with liver and bowel cancer.  While he is fighting for his life, his wife went back to work to support the family and to take care of her loves.

Christian created a video for Rachel’s birthday to show his love and it went viral.

The video is four minutes and ten seconds long.  The song is Marry Me by Train.  Turn the volume up and have a good cry.


Carrie & John | St. Augustine | Llambias House | Casa Monica

Carrie is from Colorado and John is from Florida.  They both went to work half way around the world in Liberia.  They happen to meet by chance… and promptly fell in love.

They brought in the New Year with a beautiful and emotional New Year’s Eve wedding in beautiful St. Augustine.

John is an adventurer and ready to go on a safari or jump out of a plane at a drop of a hat.  Carrie is a little more reserved but as long as John is holding her hand, she’s jumping too.

Carrie and John’s life together so far, reads as other people’s Bucket List!


Sweet Madeleine is eight months old and getting ready to go on an adventure of a lifetime.  She and the family are packing up their bags and moving to Germany for a year.

What an experience.  I’m sure mom will document their year well for Madeleine and her brother Julien.

Have fun!