Monthly Archives: November 2010

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Grayson and Jake

Little heartbreakers in the making. They both have amazing eyes.

Grayson with her big, beautiful, sleepy eyes.  When she gets older it will be ok to call them bedroom eyes but until then…

Jake has the longest eyelashes.

I saw Dad at the Turkey Trot last Thursday.  Hope you finished.  I am proud to say that I did finish.  Whew.

Jack and Katie

They have a new puppy this year to celebrate the holidays.  Mackie is going to have so much fun helping Jack and Katie open up their presents this year!

Logan and Jack

Both boys are happy, playful and can run fast.  Thank goodness mommy and daddy are both runners!  No getting away no matter how hard they run.




He is now officially one year old!  And still as happy as can be.

Daddy has big plans for you.  And I think it is going to involve a lot of Star Wars, Sci-Fi and Fun!

Comic Con or Bust for you!