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Hannah’s Bridal

She is getting married this Saturday but told me it was okay to post her bridal because I could not stand to wait any longer.  “I love them” would be an understatement.  (Pretty please, do not mention on Facebook until after Saturday.  Her fiance might notice.)

Hannah totally left the details of the shoot to me.  I brought Meghan in to work her magic for some high fashion, editorial feel to the images.

And the dress… my all time favorite from Vocelle’s!

Hair and Makeup:  Makeup by Meghan

Dress:  Vocelles, The Bridal Shoppe

A little dollhouse.

A modern dress with a vintage feel.  The appliques add to the sweet romance.

This is my favorite type of bustle on a wedding dress.  The French Bustle.

Her sisters were able to practice bustling and will be ready on Saturday.

Erin | Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

Is it wrong to beg someone to let you shoot their wedding when they don’t even have a boyfriend yet?

I’m not proud of it.

Erin showed up looking stunning.  She also chose to do the photo shoot at Red Rock Canyon which is only 20 minute drive from Vegas.

I am not use to the terrain so I was worried about camouflaged snakes.  Erin was brave enough to venture way out while I hugged the trail.

It is a popular place for cyclists.  We had plenty that went by during the photo shoot.  Oddly enough, none of them checked out the photographer.  hmmm.

She got a lot of whistles and nice comments which caused this reaction.

She is sweet and caring that her nickname is ‘Mother Hen’.

She reminds me of Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice.

Fly Me Away

Silver Moons and paper chains,
Faded maps and shiny things.
You’re my favorite one-man show.
A million different ways to go.

Will you fly me away?
Take me away with you,
My love.

Lyrics to “Fly Me Away” by Annie Little

Baby Banks

He might be the biggest of Mommy’s three babies but he was the easiest to deliver.  Three pushes and “Hello World”.

Big brother, Kent is in love but sister Lilly Jane could care less.  How dare a new baby come around to take her place.

I always want to be this kind of mom.  The kind who is organized and put together.  But alas, Rox and T Rex will have to make do with last minute me.

The left hand, “Rock On”

The right hand, “Leave me alone”