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Nicole | Miss Springtime Tallahassee

To be young, beautiful and smart.  Ahhhh, that is the life.

Nicole is this years Miss Springtime Tallahassee.  She wears her crown with pride.

Her toes were bright neon orange.  Hot new colors for the summer.

We took some pretty pictures and then Nicole let me play with my Dollhouse lens (Frankie)!


Daddy calls her Paige-Dini.  Cause there is no swaddled blanket that she can not escape from.

Six months old and already an escape artist.  Those teenage years are going to be so much fun.

Her little Christening outfit.  Made with love by her Grandma.  As a matter fact every outfit she was in for this session, Grandma made with love.

This one is my favorite.  The delicate blue piping and crochet against the white makes it so crisp and beautiful.

Look at those chunky baby legs.


It’s blueberry picking season again!

Bruce and Aunt Kathie came along too and we picked 12 whole pounds.  This is probably Bruce’s least favorite thing to do so he pretty much patroled the perimeter with Samson.

The best part, it started to rain while we picked.  We were soaking wet and still picking away.  It was a better time than cotton candy at Disney World!

Got some pics before we started our adventure.

My grouchy little T Rex.

Johnnie with the famous ‘Smith’ ears.

The boys left with Aunt Kathie yesterday for Los Angeles.  Where they spend their summers living the good life.  Got it made in the shade with Kool-Aide.

Rox already misses them but I am just not ready to let her go, yet.

My Nutter Butter.

Mister Almighty, what did i do that was so good and right for me to have her in my life?  Thank you, thank you.

Katie & Nick

The day that Nick proposed, it started to rain.

He was outside of Katie’s front door, on one knee, a dozen red roses in one hand and a ring in the other.

In the rain.

Waiting for his Katie to open the door.

This past Saturday while saying their vows and committing their lives to each other, it started to rain.

Chill bumps.

Slideshow of the wedding will be up in Friday!

The bible belonged to Nick’s great grandmother.  She carried the bible along with her grandmother’s wedding ring down the aisle.