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Lauren & Tyler | St. George Wedding Photography

Last year during the St. Marks fishing tournament, Lauren and Tyler were hard at work trying to win this tournament.

Tyler decided he wanted to try a new lure and got down on one knee to look in his tackle box.  Lauren came over to help in the search because she was anxious to get back to the fishing and Tyler was holding them back from winning.

There they both were, on the boat in the middle of the ocean huddled around a tackle box.  Tyler handing Lauren some lures, some tools and then a little tan colored box.  She was about to place it down with everything else when it hit her and she started laughing and giggling and then crying.

Needless to say, no more fishing was done that day.  They headed off to the Shoals to celebrate with their waiting friends who were all in on the big surprise.

Guess what?  Lauren and Tyler ended up winning anyways!  They caught the most fish that day.

Slideshow of the wedding will be up on Friday.

Lulu Belle was a pound puppy when they found her.  Now she is showered every day with kisses.

She also got to be a part of the big day and walked down the aisle with the flower girl.


“Look at the stars, look how they shine for you.  And everything you do.  Yeah, they were all yellow.”  ~ Lyrics for Yellow by Coldplay.

Everyone has a song.  This song belongs to Roxanne and I.

And right now I am addicted to the colors yellow and grey.

So I round up two adorable sisters, Bella and Emmi and my crew of Rox, T Rex and Samson and headed to yellow heaven.



T Rex

Roxy Rox


Every day, they grow closer and closer.  Rox is still the leader and Thomas Elliot happily follows.

I asked T Rex to give Bella a kiss on the cheek and he happily obliged.

Rox came running over and she was super upset, telling T Rex not to kiss her.

On the way home I asked her why she got so upset when T Rex kissed Bella.

“Well, mommy, you said that Daddy always have to meet my boyfriends before I go on a date and I need to meet Thomas’s girlfriend before he kisses them.”

Yes, someone was a little jealous.  Bruce and I are still laughing.

How about a little interpretive dancing to end the evening.


Hayden is almost four and has the best back yard a little boy could ask for.  He can hunt for bugs all the time.  And when he wants to give mom a big scare, hunt for  snakes and even alligators.

They live right on the lake and get to watch the sun set every evening.

Hayden has the best laugh and the biggest squeezable cheeks.

Sam even got to be in the family piciture.

Hadley, Carson and Reese’s 1st Birthday!

Three beautiful babies celebrated their first birthday this weekend with lots of kisses, hugs and frosting!

In order of birth appearance.

Hadley.  First one out and ready to give this world a run for it’s money.

Carson.  The second to say “Hello World”.  She has a touch of tomboy but still knows how to strut her stuff like a lady.

Reese.  Showed up last and weighed the least.  Not anymore.  He got both sisters beat in the weight department.  He is thoughtful and precise.  Mom and Dad thinks he will grow up to be a Cardiac Surgeon.

BUSTED!  Avery, put it back.  “I am getting it for Daddy” is not going to work with a pro like me.

Click here for the full screen version or see slideshow below.