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Courtney & Jarrod | Dover Farm Wedding Photographer

It was July 3rd, 2009.  Courtney and Jarrod were getting ready to head off for the big weekend at the beach.

Unbeknownst to Courtney, Jarrod had a special ring in his pocket and was planning to pop the big question at the beach.

Like an excited boy, he could not stand the wait.  He got down on his knees in the kitchen and asked Courtney to marry him.

This past Saturday, they were married at the visually stunning Dovers Eagel Hill.  My first time here and I am in love with the allee of Bradford Pear Trees.

Slideshow of the wedding will be up on Friday.

These stylish, debonair boys have officially renamed the Reservoir Dog shots to ‘The Swagger Dogs’.

During this shot with Courtney and the two Maid of Honors, the wind picked up and the white blossoms of the Bradford Pears was raining down on them.

I asked Courtney to lift up her dress so I can get a shot of her silver heels and this is what we found.  We were laughing hard.

It’s gotta be great to be so thin that you can’t keep your garter up.

The Magic Shot.

I literally was jumping up and down after I saw the shot on the back of the camera.  Thanks to the bridesmaids and their beaus for helping me make this Magic!

Even the bartenders were asking to see this image.

Yellow Pots

Yellow is one of my favorite colors right now.  So look what I went out and bought for the big birthday party for Rox, T Rex and Johnnie that will be happening in two years.

If any brides, friends or my floral friends would like to borrow these for a wedding or party, just let me know.  I have fourteen of them.  The height is five inches and the top diameter is five and half inches.

Steph already has dibs on them for one weekend.  :)

Elise & Reuben

Elise and Reuben are tying the knot this August in a Castle in Michigan.  I am just a tad jealous of their wedding photographer.  To get married at a castle is just too sweet for words.

Both their families are from Michigan so here is a taste of Florida sunshine on St. George Island!

Elise’s family and friends have not yet seen the great job Reuben did in selecting her ring.  Here it is.


Grady is sooo easy.  You can just look at him and he will crack up laughing.  Which made us want to really see how far we could push his giggle button.

Grady’s great grandmother has her own bench at Goodwood.  This bench was donated by the Rose Garden Center in honor of Mrs. Wink.