Monthly Archives: March 2010

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Pocket Candy

I love dollhouse miniatures!  I am attracted to cute itty bitty things.

So when I found these I knew they would be perfect.  Introducing a new product… Pocket Candy.

Dimensions are three inches by three inches.  Depending on what size images you would like, it will hold about six pictures.

They have a magnetic closure so they will stay shut in your purse.  Perfect to show off your wedding or your gorgeous children.

For the month of April, the price for three Pocket Candies will be $50.

So if you had a previous session or wedding and you would like to get Pocket Candies, email me and we can make it happen.


She is seven months and needs to gain just a tad more baby fat.  Don’t you love it when you have permission to put on the pounds.

So mom has been feeding her avocados mixed with pears.  That actually sounds really yummy.

She is so easy to make smile.  Looking smashing in her yellow smock.

This next picture just tugs at my heart.  Love her.

Suppa Time

It’s Suppa Time again!

I first photographed this band in the studio but this time they wanted to show more of their Southern roots by using the Tallahassee landscape.

So we went to my favorite Tallahassee place, Goodwood.

Because they are a rocking band, I use more actions than I normally would.  To give it more pop.

No actions needed here.  Just Southern charm.

Collin and Chandler

Big brother Collin is always on the go, running and running.  Pretty soon, Chandler will be able to race right behind him and mom and dad will be living with two track stars.

I think a treadmill will be a wise investment.

I was able to get sweet Collin to sit for an itty bitty minute before it was time to explore again.  Look at these huggable smiles.

I got lots of pictures of Chandler smiling in her Daddy’s arms but I just love the sweetness of this image.  ahhhhh.

Looks like Collin is going to be as tall as Dad.

The family.