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Another Great Day

Overheard in the car on the way home from daycare.

Roxanne to Thomas Elliot:  ” Dontcha know that dinosaurs are extinct!”

Thomas Elliot’s reply:  “Some dinosaurs stink and some dinosaurs smell good!”

I laughed so hard at these two.  Love them to pieces.

Kitty cats show up in our back yard  and since Bruce and I are big softies, we get them spayed/neutered and give them names.  Which pretty much means they are new additions to the family.

This is Ivy.  She showed up about four years ago.  Well, I ran over her paw while she was sleeping under my car about a week ago.  I feel so bad but hopefully every thing will heal correctly and she will not lose her leg.  She has a purple cast right now and Rox has been practicing her Veterinarian skills.

Here she is singing to Ivy.  “Cause that’s what veterinarians do to make kitties feel better.”

I would love to be able to decorate the whole house all at one time with an unlimited budget but alas I do not have that luxury.  I do a little at a time and day dream a lot.

Here is the dining room.  The table was the same color as the floor.  Was not crazy about it so I had it painted today with high gloss black paint.

And I ordered the Geneva rug from Ballard Designs.  It will not be in till April.  Can’t wait.

The suede parson style chairs are from West  Elm.

The picture was a Valentine’s day present from an old boyfriend.  It is a Picasso poster from his blue period.  This year, I will get it a proper frame for it.  And Bruce is ok with the picture because he knows how much I love the image.  Thanks babe.

The Geneva rug.  I selected the natural one.  Image from Ballard’s

Steph’s birthday present that I have not sent her yet.  I promise you will get it soon.

The shelf is from Miss Mandy’s.  Love that store.

And I made a trip to the nursery and purchased a Debutante camellia.  The buds have not bloomed yet so I grabbed the following image from a google image search to show you how beautiful she is.

She looks like a peony!  Yes, it was a great day.

Dawson’s Nursery

Sand and Sea Glass.

Those are the colors of Dawson’s room.  His mommy loves the beach and was even married at the coast.  It was only fitting that little Dawson’s room incorporate the colors of her love affair.

This is genius.  See the top of the palladian window.  The curve makes it so hard to find a good covering when one is needed.  Dawson’s mommy had a piece of wood cut out to fit the top and then painted it to match the color scheme.  Genius!

Cream on cream.  It makes the letters even more peaceful and calm.

The four poster crib fits nicely with the high ceilings.

Once she found this chair and fabric, the room all came together.  Chair was found in Havana at Weezie’s Cottage Living.

Mom had the closet customized with the drawers and shelves for extra storage.

Note the guitar bag.  To get Mom’s attention Dad jumped on stage and started playing and singing.  Needless to say, music will be a big part of Dawson’s life.

The wardrobe tree.  Mom purchased at Wood You and had it painted to go with the nursery.

Painted especially for Dawson by an artist in Sandestin.

“Dawson, remember when you go into the world to keep your eyes and ears wide open.  And be kind, love one another and take care of each other.”

Vocelles’ Grand Opening

This past Thursday, Jessica and I joined friends and many new brides at Vocelles grand opening.

Champagne and hors d’ oeuvres were served.  One of  the best part was that Gem Collection was on the premise to clean your jewelry.  Nothing like nice sparkling diamonds to make a girl happy.

Little Fancy made an appearance.  Past her bedtime.

Sarah had the fun job of trying on dresses and mingling.  This dress she has on here is my favorite!

And I love the game ‘Favorites’.  Here are some of the guests with their favorite dresses!

From left to right: Sarah, Jessica, Carrie and Vonna.  Vonna with the cool name is also holding my favorite dress.


Dad is a big Colorado Avalanche fan.  Looks like little Owen is a little Colorado Avalanche fan.  haha.

Look at this face.  That smile would melt all the snow on the Rockies.

The only time in your life that dimples on your bum is considered absolutely adorable.  He is beautiful.