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Sandy Paws at Cole Couture

Cole Couture is the  exclusive carrier of Sandy Paws dog collars.

Kristin the designer and creator of each piece did it out of love for her Isabella.  A chocolate lab that was very much loved by Kristin, family and friends.  She went to doggie heaven and Kristin wanted to do this for her.

All profits go to doggie charities.

*Trivia:  Cole Couture is named after another chocolate lab, who is Isabella’s brother.*

You know Cole Couture is a fresh clothing store when this is what the bell ringer looks like.  Love it!

John Ford

John Ford is seven months old.  He is so alert that you just know that he is comprehending everything going on around him.

Mom and dad can’t help but to be smitten with their little boy.  Mom has already pre-arranged his marriage to beuatiful Gabby in Miami.  Dad wants him to date just a little more first before settling down.  Men!

These are the smallest True Religions I’ve ever seen.

Heart Breakers.


Daddy has it all figured out for his little boy.  Star quarterback for the NFL or a pro skater.  See, Lawson, you kinda get a say on what you want to be.

Mom just wants you to be her little baby forever.

Lawson at four weeks old.

He’s sleep kissing.

And the very last shot I was able to capture him smiling.

Now for some fun.  During the photo shoot when we had Lawson all nice and naked, he was able to get in a number one and a number two!  Guess who was able to um, catch it all.

Kami Saige

Kami Saige is five weeks old.  Going by too fast for mom.  She wants her to stay just like this for a lot longer.

Her Aunt Jamie presented her with the fuschia dress this past weekend.  Sleeping Beauty.

Mommy is smitten over her little girl.

The pink bonnet belonged to Kami’s mommy when she was little.