Monthly Archives: December 2009

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Kamryn Saige

She waited a little past her due date to make her grand entrance.  She showed up all pink and ready to dance.

Congratulations to Mom and Dad.  Your house will always be full of love… and dirty diapers for a couple of years!

Melody’s Belly Shots

Little boy Lawson might just arrive on Christmas day.  Mom and Dad can’t wait to shower him with love and more love.

Mom never had a sweet tooth until her pregnancy.  Now it is non stop pumpkin pie!

We did not have a white sheet handy but the dupioni curtains hanging in the studio will work.  Gives the picture more drama.  I love this image.

Happy mommy, happy baby.

Mollie and Adalynn

This says it all.

They showed up on Thanksgiving day.  Mom was very thankful to finally be off of bed rest and to have two healthy little girls.

I think this is Mollie.  I know that little Adalynn is 4 pounds bigger than Mollie but I can only tell them apart when they are right next to each other.

And if I am right about the above picture, than this is little Adalynn.

Guess who wears a lot of camo in this family.  Dad is hoping one of them will favor after his fashion sense.

Saving the best for last.  Mollie is the one awake and Adalynn is the one snoozing away.

Tallahassee Twins Photographer

Mollie and Adalynn’s Nursery

Their nursery is perfect and waiting for the first time they spend the night in their little beds.  Mommy just isn’t ready to be separated for even just one night yet.  Which many moms can understand.

Loving all the touches of pink and green.  Especially the hot pink, polka dotted lamp.

The crib bedding came from Target!  They have so much more for babies on line.

Two of everything.  Until their teen years and Mollie will probably be dressed all in black for her Goth stage and Adalynn will be all in Camo for her tomboy stage.

Just kidding mom!