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The C Family

Bella and Emmi’s grandparents and aunt and uncle showed up in Tallahassee to celebrate Christmas.  Great time to squeeze in a photo session.

These two came from St. Pete.

And these two lovebirds came all the way from New York.  Had to get some southern charm with the moss in the background.  They don’t have moss like this up North.

Bella and Emmi!

Roxanne and Thomas Elliot

December 29, 2009

Dear Roxanne,

Christmas is over and a new year is about to begin and your mommy is still a walking cliché.

I love you more and more every day. I can’t seem to squeeze and kiss you enough. Daddy has taught you the word aggravate and I love it when you say “Mommy, stop aggravating me!”

Sorry, no can do. I refuse to stop “aggravating” you.

You still prefer to dress in Incredible Hulk, Spiderman and Wonder Woman t-shirts but you will add a pair of pink, plastic high heels or stick a big pink bow in your hair to make it just right.

You tell me all the time that you are going to kiss and marry Daxtyn.

You love it when I sing the K-I-S-S-I-N-G song and “Daxtyn pushing a baby carriage.”

You love being a mommy. Several times you have brought your babies to me to “babysit” while you go to work to take pictures.

You are a little bossy with Thomas Elliot and always creating scenarios for you and Thomas Elliot to play. Like cleaning and decorating the house, or playing in the beehive (tent) that Grandpa and Grandma got you for Christmas.

You make me want to work harder so I can give you the world. You make me want to play harder so I can hear you laugh till your belly hurts.

Love you more than a rainy day!


Dear Thomas Elliot,

Uncle Bruce and I are so happy you are with us. Every day it is an adventure to see what you are up to and in to. You stay so busy exploring your world.

Your favorite Christmas present is the sword you received from Aunt Kim and Uncle Vince. You put it in your shirt behind your back and run around saying that you are a Ninja Turtle.

Out of the blue you will roar and start walking like a dinosaur. You are all boy and can be quite affectionate with the ladies.

You have it made in the shade with Kool Aid! You have so many Aunts and Uncles that love you. Aunt Kim and Uncle Vince took you and Johnnie to Disney World this past year and to Wild Adventures many more times. Your Aunt Kathie took you out to LA for almost the whole summer where you happily spent most of the time in the swimming pool.

And then you have me, Aunt Titi. I get to hug you evey day, put band-aids on your boo boos, watch you run and play and be a little boy. I get to tuck you in at night and ease your pain when all you want is Johnnie, Aunt Kathie or Aunt Kim. It’s okay that I’m not first on your list. You are always first on my list.

I love my Thomas Elliot.

Love you more than a rainy day!

Aunt Titi

Suppa Time

The band needed some promo shots before they hit the road on their busy schedule for 2010.  Happy to oblige.

The pink chair was purchased for brides and little girls in mind, but when Suppa Time spotted it’s awesomeness in the corner, they pulled it out for some shots.

Picasso had his blue period, this could be Suppa Time’s pink period.

We got Leroy and Vermin.

Then Dave and Steve.

Michelle & Bo

Bo will be deployed on Monday.  Michelle wanted pictures of the two of them before her man was shipped off.

Michelle with Bo dressed in his ‘blues’.