Monthly Archives: November 2009

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The G Family

I am loving beautiful cocktail dresses with family shoots now.  Adds the right amount of spice.

Yes, Winton is the apple of his parents’ eyes.  He is a good mix of mom and dad with his blue eyes and full lips.

The P Family

It’s Christmas picture time.

Mom is the lone girl in the house with all these boys.  We got Dad, Bryce, Casey and the two fur babies, Seven and Louie.

Sometimes there is just too much ‘guy stuff’ going on that she has throw some pretty baubles on Seven and Louie.  They won’t fight back.

See the pretty necklace on Seven!

Lindsey’s Bridal

Lindsey has already had her dream wedding this year at the family beach house.  Now she gets to dress up again in her wedding dress and have her bridal shots captured on the family farm.

I wonder if they have a family yacht tucked away anywhere.

Striking eyes with dark hair is such an awesome combo.

This is Casey.  Adopted from a shelter.  Sweet.

And this is Little John.  Also adopted from the same shelter.

Little John likes to sleep on top of Casey when it is bed time.  So cute that I can’t even stand it.

Owen’s Nautical Nursery

His first Thanksgiving and he is pooped.  Full of kisses and snuggling from his enamored family.

So while he is snoozing away, lets check out his room.  Dad made this cool, I guess it’s called a compass.

I know another little boy that has one almost like this vintage book shelf.

Paper ship collection courtesy of Dad.

Pictures of the grandparents in the portholes.