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I got off the plane after traveling for about 12 hours from Florida to Anchorage and the view from the airport alone took my breath away.  The airport is floor to ceiling in glass with views of mountains in the distance.


I was a total tourist grinning from ear to ear with my camera.

I woke up the next morning and drove to Seward which is about two hours south of Anchorage to begin my tour of glaciers on a boat.

Everywhere you go, glorious mountains in the close distance.

Sea lions sunning themselves.

We got up so close to the glacier.  It’s color is a beautiful ice blue.

Then a large chunk fell into the water.  It roared like a train and we saw the huge wave coming towards us.  The boat rocked aggressively and I just had a little scare deep down. I was going down with my camera.  Goodbye cruel world.

On the way back to shore, our tour guide was able to find a whale! 

The birds were huddled above the water which was a giveaway.  Yes, sure enough, the whale was feeding itself. 

I captured this image just as it came up with a big gulp of fishes!

I asked a nice gentleman to take a picture of me.  Must have proof that I was there.

On the way back to Anchorage that night, I did something I have never done before.  I picked up a hitchhiker.  I recognized her as the other girl that was solo on the tour.  She was headed to Anchorage too.  She was working the summer at Sitka (The Proposal) and was touring Alaska before she headed back home to Taiwan.

What an adventure!

I did not see a dinosaur and did not eat a moose but i did SHOOT a moose.  Holy cow!  Look how big he is.  Almost as tall as the garage.

The picture is a little grainy but there was no way i was going to pull out a flash and disturb this beast.

Seward’s Folly

That is where I am headed.  You history blokes know exactly where I am off to.  Alaska! 

I will have limited access to email and phone.  All will be answered when I return home.

Thomas Elliot hopes I see a dinosaur and Roxanne wants me to eat a moose while I am there.  I promised to try my best and not disappoint.

Rain Dance


“Aunt Titi, Aunt Titi! It’s raining!”

Magical words in our house. I drop whatever I am doing. Be it napping, painting or editing to grab my little munchkins and run outside to play in the rain.

Growing up in Moultrie, we did not have air conditioning. It would get so hot in the summer that we would wish for a rain storm. And when our wishes were answered and you could smell the rain coming, my brother, sisters and I would run around in the yard and try to catch the falling leaves. And get as soaked as we could before we were forced stand on the front porch to watch the down pour. Happy memories.

When Roxanne, Thomas Elliot and Johnnie are older and living in their adult world, and it starts to rain, they will hopefully embrace it and know that rain does not ruin anything. It just makes everything better.

I captured some images, put the camera down, joined them and danced till we were all soaking wet.

Anna Kathryn’s Memory Shot