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Chloe & Genevieve

I would love to say that they came all the way from California just to have me photograph them, but alas, it had more to do with grandparents, great grandparents and a wedding.

Even though, I think little Chloe would of been very happy coming home with me so she could play with kitty cats and dollhouses.  She loved me.  Genevieve liked me too but she was not about to leave her Daddy.

Big sister, Genevieve.  Thank you photo gods for letting me capture her spirit in this shot.

Little sister, Chloe, with the bigger than chipmunk cheeks.

With her blanky.

I got good news and bad news for the male population.

Good news… in about 30 years, Dad says they will be ready to go on their first dates.

Bad news… Dad is a hunter.

Anna’s Belly Shots

Just right around the corner and the P family will be welcoming little Owen into this world.  And just in time for the holidays.  Babies make everything better.

Dad finally has a great reason why he should stock up on even more Batman comic books and Star Wars action figures.  You know, for little Owen.  Yeah, mom.

Meghan & Gary

They met on the beach four years ago and last Saturday, they were married on the beach at St. George Island.

Meghan is the epitome of the sweet (very beautiful) girl next door.  She found her prince charming in Gary.  He lives to make Meghan happy and surprises her with tokens of love every chance he gets.

White sands, blue skies, loving family and expressive (soaking wet) friends was the perfect setting to start this marriage off right!

Yes, the wedding party and many others ended up in the pool that night.   I saved those pictures for the slideshow.  So check back on Friday to see the slideshow from Meghan and Gary’s big fun filled day.

Here are some images for now.  Enjoy.

She had two special men give her away!

Those crazy lovebirds did it.  Mr. and Mrs. C.

The bad boys of summer.  Hot, hot and HOT!

The yellow roses against the navy is so pretty.  Makes everything pop.

This is one of my favorites because I did not know it was going to happen.  All of a sudden Gary yelled “Go!” and everyone started running towards me.  Love it.

Loving the monogram on the bridal bouquet.  One of Sheri’s from Snapdragons signature looks.

Nothing but magic.  The Magic Shot.

If you look closely, you can tell quite a few people are slowly starting to dry off after the little dip in  the pool.  lol.

Lesley & Steve

She lived in Georgia and he lived in Alaska.  They fell hard for each other and the Southern Belle packed her crinolines and pantaloons and moved to Alaska to be with her man! What an adventure she signed up for.

Not only does she get gorgeous views of the mountains when she walks out her front door but she has to be on the look out for foraging bears on her daily six mile run.  There’s an incentive to be a fast runner.

And what a man she has in Steve.

Steve not only looks pretty fly in his tweed cap but he knows how to sweep a girl off her feet.  8,000 feet to be exact.  He flies his own plane!  Their first date was a plane date.

Cory, Steve’s very handsome son came along for the fun. Steve, safely landed his float plane next to a rock formation on a huge lake.  We were surrounded by mountains and a huge glacier.  What more could a photographer ask for.  Unbelievable scenery, good looking people and gorgeous weather. These two are always laughing and kidding each other.  I asked Lesley when did she realize that Steve was the one.  Her reply… “When he fought for me.”

Ahhhh, Steve was not going to let a little distance keep them apart.

The family that jumps together while on  huge rock in the middle of lake surrounded by mountains and a huge glacier and wearing matching hats, stays together.