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Rock You Like A Hurricane!

Dana is mom and a workaholic.  But deep down inside she is a head banging, metal loving, 80’s hair band kind of girl!

The studio is not complete but I needed a test subject to test out the lighting.  Thanks Dana for playing your alter hard rocking self.

Rock on!

Kanvas Giveaway!

Remember my Key West bride, Ashley?  Well she is the aesthetician at Kanvas located in midtown.  She has been wanting me to come in forever for a facial.  Due to both our busy schedules, we finally set a date months in advance and I finally got to experience her magic touch yesterday.

I can’t stop looking at my face.  Love it.  She is also helping me get rid of the wonderful dark brown spots on my face due to carrying Rox!

So, to experience Ashley’s magic, all you need to do is leave a comment just to say ‘Hi’ and you will be placed in the drawing for a facial!  Men can get in on this too.

Beautiful Ashley.

Kanvas.  Lisa the owner has an eye for detail.  I hate to say this but I do judge a book (and magazine) by its’ cover.  And Kanvas would definitely be a book I pick up due to the sassy style.

Deadline is Sunday night and the winner will be announced Monday morning.

Cape San Blas

To celebrate 40 years of marriage, their children had me come out to beach to capture pictures of everyone.  Especially pictures of the grandkids!

Let’s start off with the youngest, with only eight months under her belt.

Meet Mary Helen.

Jack who is 2.5 years old.

Meredith with her curls.

Caroline.  I asked her if mommy and daddy ever sing the song ‘Sweet Caroline’ to her.  Her answer in an exasperated voice, “All the time.”

Sweet Sienna.   Sienna was doing her modeling poses and I got this one.  My fav.

Hailey was also working the camera.  If you got it, flaunt it!

And our two lovebirds.

The bigger girls wanted to play too.  I love the following series just because they radiate pure fun!

Time for the big group picture.

And a special thanks to this family from Atlanta.  Without you, I would still be cleaning the sand out of my gear!

Ashlyn’s Memory Shot