Monthly Archives: May 2009

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He is two whole weeks old.  Gently snoozing when I first arrived.  Love the ‘L’ on the itty bitty onesie.

I gotta do the Moses basket shot if I see one!

What big brother, Julian was doing during the shoot.  Jamming out with daddy in the living room.

Randi wanted the ‘feet’ shot which I have never done before and was not too sure how it was going to turn out.  I love it, just because Julian stuck his head up to see what I was doing.  Look at that mischievious grin.

Daddy loves his boys.

Mommy looks great.  How is it some people can do it all.  Take care of two boys and have dinner on the table.  Beyond me.

Lofton’s Room

Love shooting newborns at their home because I get to see the nursery.

Lofton’s room is the colors of sea glass.  Cream with gentle touches of blue and green.  With lots of monogramming too.

Pretty sure this is Amy Butler fabric on the Moses basket.

Lofton’s grandmother made these just for him.

Ava and Megan’s Memory Shots


Pamela and I use to be roomies.  Those were some fun single days.  We were either getting ready to go out or snuggled up on the couch getting ready to watch Law & Order.

Then she met Kelly and moved to the big city of Valdosta.

One thing that Pamela always wanted was to be a mommy.  After some trying times, she got her wish and is now a mommy to one wanted and beautiful little girl.  Meet our Addison.  She is a happy, mellow, easy going little girl.

During the shoot, Pamela really got her laughing.

I forgive you for running off with Kelly, cause look what we all got in return.  The cutest and chubbiest little angel.  And one happy mommy.

Little Addison was all tuckered by the end of the shoot.  Night, night.