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The Girls of Kappa Alpha Theta

I was invited by Linda of Long’s Photography to be extra papparazzi for the Theta’s Spring Formal.  While Linda was covering the red carpet arrival, Olyn and I were inside capturing the action!

So much fun to see the dresses.  Some of my favorite dresses were from BCBG and one was from Cache.  Even more fun to see all the new dance moves!

Fun fact:  Walt Disney’s daughters were Thetas and because of this, the Thetas symbol and flower (kite and pansy) are shown often in Walt Disney Parks and productions.

Check out Linda’s blog for more fun pics.

Nikki & Nathan

Nikki and Nathan are getting married!

They met in October ’07, got engaged in October ’08 and will now be getting married in Atlanta this October.

You gotta work fast when you know you got a good thing, eh Nathan!

Congratulations you two and thanks for being so much fun to shoot.

Can I just say how much I love this Lily dress.  It is perfect.

How Does My Garden Grow?

With Evelyn roses.

Got up early.  Went outside and saw that my Evelyn roses were on display in all their ‘peachy apricot’ glory.  Fresh flowers for the office today!  Whheeeeeeeeee.

I was the Maid of Honor in Steph’s wedding back in ’98.  And for my bridesmaid gift, I got a couple of silver mint juleps cups.

The other girls got, i think, Coach wallets or keychains.  But Steph is a great present giver and knew that I would not cherish my Coach accessories like the other girls would.  Instead she got me the julep cups that even 11 years later I still use at least once a week.

Florida Commerce Credit Union

The grand opening of FCCU at Summit East was this past Thursday and I was there to capture the fun.

The building is grand, modern and impressive.

And they had door prizes!  Even though my name was not in the pot, just maybe my name will magically appear on the ticket.  I love trying to win prizes!