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Ashley & Brad

Sunday was an awesome day to be at St. George.  The sun was out with a slightly strong breeze which makes for great pictures.

Ashley and Brad will be tying the knot in June in South Carolina.  Can’t wait for the big day!

Their family and friends are up North where the average daytime high for Sunday was 42.  Here is a taste of Florida in March for you!

Jack Walker

Amber had her baby!

And as you can tell by the title of this post… It’s a boy!  She went through a long, long labor.  But in the end everyone is doing great.  The one thing that Glen kept saying over and over during our visit was what a champ Amber was through out the process.  You can tell that he is proud of Amber and his little boy!

March 27, 2009 | 7:58pm | 6lbs 7oz | 19 inches

It is quite obvious, he got his mom’s full lips.  How adorable.

Looks like a little grin already.

Happy, proud, sleepy, exhausted Daddy.

Alexander Vaughn

It’s raining babies!  As I was leaving Jack Walker’s room at the hospital, I ran into Mr. G in the elevator, who took me straight to see little Alexander Vaughn.  Also born on the same day as Jack Walker.  What a coincidence.

March 27, 2009 | 10:27am | 8lbs 5oz | 20 inches

Sleeping peacefully when I first arrived.  What a precious little bundle.  Already decked out in monogram.

I love his little face here.  I have a picture of Roxanne, brand spanking new, with this same look.

I found the picture of Roxanne with the same look just not as intense as Alexander Vaughn.  This picture was taken by Aunt Stephie cause I really wasn’t in the mood for picture taken on the day she arrived.  Imagine that.

Jamie & Brian | Tallahassee Wedding Photographer

Jamie has always noticed Brian from afar.  How could you not, he is 6’4.  But she also had a little crush on him.

One night, on the Tennessee Strip, at a little club known as Yanni’s, she worked up her nerves and strutted over with her seductive Balliro moves and said…

“How many drinks would it take to get you on the dance floor?”

The rest is history.  Last Saturday, Jamie and Brian tied the knot at beautiful Pebble Hill Plantation.  I am happy to report, no alcohol was needed to get Brian to the altar!

P.S. It took two shots of Jagermeister for Brian to join Jamie that fateful night!

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