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Jackson’ Memory Shot

Cori’s Belly Shot

Cori is one of those glamorous pregnant ladies. The kind that still puts on makeup and fixes her hair even in the last trimester. Not the kind that wears her black velour sweatsuit everyday of her pregnancy and pulls out the pink velour sweats for special occasions.

Cori and K.C. are going to be first time parents! Ella Grace is going to have fun with these two. I am sure she already knows.

Little Ella Grace’s due date is April 1st!  Same as Rox’s.  If she can make it till April, this will make her birthstone diamond.  Have fun with that K.C.!

Love boots with dresses.  Yep, she is really enjoying this pregnancy.  And she is the first pregnant girl that told me she craved MEAT!  Just like me.  Maybe all April Fool’s babies want a big steak and a side of hamburger.

Ashley and Eric’s Slideshow

When Rox was a wee little baby, ‘Ashy’ was her caregiver.  I could tell on that first day what kind of person Ashley is.  Big smile, welcoming and loving personality.  I knew Rox was in good, caring and loving hands with ‘Ashy’.

I copied the following straight from their wedding website.

This is what Eric had to say…

“The party was nothing to remember, but after I got home I just couldn’t get this one girl out of my head.”

That one girl was Ashley.  On February 14, 2009, the two were married in Key West!

See below for the slideshow or click here for the full screen version.

Wedding:  Smather’s Beach

Reception:  Kelly’s

Caterer:  Kelly’s Caribbean

Florist:  Ashley’s Mom!

Entertainment:  James Cooper with Soundwave


Ashley and Eric

Ashley and Eric tied the knot this past Saturday in KEY WEST BABY!

The song says it all. Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes. Boy oh boy, did I have a good time.

And I love how Ashley and Eric planned it all. First they started off with some island flavor, now they are skiing in Whistler, British Columbia. Stay warm!

Here is a sampling of some of my favorites.

Slideshow of the wedding will be up on Friday.

I was riding with the groomsmen when Tyler (the best man) pulled up right next to them so I could grab a shot. I am so happy that I got it right in front of the pink hotel with the palm trees in the background. Key West or what!

It was also fun to see everyone’s reaction to the newlyweds. There was lots of honking and “Congratulations!” .

Ashley is my first bride that had a second wedding dress. Yippeee!

And it never hurts to be draped by some ‘hawt’ men.

I think this picture pretty much sums up what a good time we had. They are all characters!

After the reception we hit Duval street for a little Key West fun. I wonder what time they got home. hmmmm.