Monthly Archives: January 2009

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Little Katie

Katie is now nine months old. She sits up all by herself and is very good at saying DA-DA. Which just makes her Daddy melt.

DA-DA and his little girl.

I’m going to Hollywood, baby!

Morning Happiness

What I wake up to every morning. My life is soooo good.

Happy Anniversary To Me!

Wow. I did it. I stayed married for four whole years! How did that happen? Rox, obviously, you are the glue that holds mommy and daddy together. hee hee.

In all honesty, I got one great husband. He pretty much allows me to do anything I want except take down the huge, ugly lobster that is hanging over the fireplace. Uggg. He caught it while diving in the Keys and is quite proud of it.

Bruce, I know that you love Rox way more than me and that just makes me love you even more. Thanks for loving me and here’s to staying married until Rox is old enough to tell the Judge she wants to live with mommy. I know, I know. I am quite the romantic one.

Bruce was taking care of Rox and Elliot tonight while I was meeting with clients. Here is what I found when I got home.

Some World of Warcraft patch came out today so daddy was not as watchful as he usually is. Rox found my mascara and tried to make herself ‘cool’.

I laughed, told her she looked beautiful and gave her a chocolate cupcake to celebrate mommy and daddy’s anniversary.

I am so happy Elliot could be with us to celebrate too!


Campbell and all his beautiful babyness came out to visit us on Sunday.

He is living proof that mommy’s milk is the best milk.  Sorry Rox.  Mommy kind of failed you in that department.

Let’s just start with my favorite shot.