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Rox and I headed to Valdosta on Saturday to visit my old roommate and good friend Pamela.  It was for her babyshower!  I have not seen her since she was nine weeks pregnant.  All of a sudden, boom.  She has a big belly.

And of course I had to take pics of little Addison’s nursery.  Notice the ‘D’ and ‘S’ are missing from her name.  They are out getting painted and will be back before little Addison is here.

What a cute idea.  Pamela is collecting pictures of all her friend’s children and placing them in Addison’s room.  I have Rox’s 60×40 canvas ordered and should be here shortly.  Make room!

Here is Rox and her new friend Sierra checking out the rocker.

Siblings and Cousins

Jack, Mallory, Lillie and Ruby invited me over so we could get pictures with their grandfather and grandmother!





And we can’t leave Farley out. He is the adorable, hairy one in the middle.

Their mommies wanted to be sure to get a picture of the big oak tree in some pics. They have fond memories of playing below and in the tree. Reminds me of the poem, “The Giving Tree”.

This is the first time I have seen a birdbath used this way and I love the idea.  Had to share.

Letter to Rox

Dear Roxanne,

It’s the day after Christmas and you are curled up in bed with Daddy watching the Simpsons. Yesterday morning you woke up and headed to the living room to find your presents from Santa. He got you a Radio Flyer tricycle and all kinds of stuff to help you take care of your babies. But your favorite present of all was the box of Sponge Bob band-aids. Yep, you spent half the day carefully taking care of all your boo boos. I counted 15 band aids on your body today.

It was our third Christmas with you. But everyday feels like Christmas since you have arrived. Because of you, mommy and daddy are walking clichés. Life is so much better with you in it.

You constantly tell me that you don’t want to look ‘pretty’, you want to look ‘cool’. Your cool clothes consist of your blue shirt with the horsie, your orange Halloween pumpkin shirt and your Wonder Woman shirt. And they all must be worn with your blue denim shorts with the pocket in fronts.

Daddy has introduced you to Curious George and you can’t get enough of him. Before George won your heart, you were all about Caillou.

Your new thing now is telling mommy, “I love you a little bit and I love daddy a lot”. But I especially like it when you say, “ Mommy sweet and Daddy gross”.

Your are little Miss Independent. You are constantly telling us “I do it myself.” Daddy loves to tell me in an exasperated tone that you have my personality. He is a little concerned but I am not! I want you to know I love your independence and strong will.

Also wanted to let you know now, I am going to be one of those moms that will majorly embarrass you by kissing and hugging you in public. I am also going to embarrass you even more every chance I get with baby pictures (some will be naked). I will call you constantly to get updates on your life. And, I am always going to buy you ‘pretty’ clothes.

But the one thing you will always know and never doubt… the aggravating, annoying person that you call mommy is your loudest cheerleader and loves you more than anything in this whole wide world.



Going to Visit Santa

We loaded Rox and her cousins Johnnie and Elliot into the car so we could go visit Santa. Guess what. When we got to the mall, Santa was off feeding the reindeers. We were all disappointed but understood that Rudolph and his buddies needed to eat too.

But it was not all sadness. Look at what we found at one end of the mall. Rides! So Daddy a.k.a Uncle Bruce pulled out the wallet and helped out the economy big time! We soon forgot about Santa.

Just in case Santa is reading this. I asked each one what they were going to ask for if they had got to talk to Santa.

Roxanne – A robot.

Johnnie – An incredible Hulk motorcycle.

Elliot – Monsters.

Elliot enjoying the helicopter ride.

Yes, Rox has on her ‘cool horsie’ shirt.  Even though I pleaded for her to wear her pink dress with the ‘horsie’ on it.  Nope, she wanted to be ‘cool’ for Santa.

I’m coming down for a landing.