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Katy & Tyler

One of my favorite speeches last night was from Tyler. He thanked his parents for raising him to be the kind of man that Katy would fall in love with.

You two have fun in Jamaica and the slideshow will be up on Friday.

I also had a special treat with me yesterday. Linda Long came along to second shoot. Check out her amazing pics that she captured by going to her blog.

Katy seeing Tyler for the first time that day.

Katy and Tyler’s first date was at Andrew’s. I wonder if they shared a ‘Jeb’ burger together.

The ever adorable flower girls.

I love this image. Thanks to Linda for the idea!

Some churches do not allow photographers in the sanctuary during the ceremony. I got this shot looking through the little 4×4 window in the door of the entrance way.

Even looking at this picture my heart is doing major cartwheels, hurleys and spirit fingers. Love it!

One of the groomsmen pulled out a cardboard man with Tyler’s face pasted over the original face. Proxy Tyler was every where through out the night. Here he is over seeing the ‘get down’.

Katy’s Bridal

Yeah, Katy did it.  She said ‘I Do’ yesterday!  Now I can share her bridal session.

Katy and Tyler, just want to say quickly, favorite parts of last night was the Billie Jean dance cirlce and the proxy Tyler that everyone had to dance with.

Kim & Alan

Kim and Alan eloped!

Then they came back and had a party with friends and family at the Governor’s Club. Here are some shots. Enjoy!

Kim and her girlfriend doing cheek to cheek.

Alan’s version of cheek to cheek. Nice.

Mr. Mack gave a speech that had everyone laughing

You know it’s going to be good, juicy and detailed when they pull out notes.

There was lots of toasting going on.

Kim and her girls.

Kim and her man.


Brady just turned one! And he is all boy. Strong willed, fearless and cute as a button running around exploring his world.

Let’s get a picture with mommy while daddy is getting ready.

We all know that I am spending most of Rox’s college money on Janie and Jack clothes. They also make the cutest little boy clothes. I asked mom to change Brady into this outfit so I can grab a couple more shots.

He also has his own basketball court in the house.

Nothing But Net!

One of my favorite color schemes. Red and blue.

I guess one of Brady’s birthday present was a brand new house with a swimming pool. Dad wanted some shots for their amazing builder/architecture. Wow. I have to share some of the pics. It looks like a resort.