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Katy & Tyler’s Wedding Slideshow

Katy and Tyler first met at a Halloween Party.  Then years later, Tyler took Katy to a pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin.  To Katy’s surprise, Tyler found one that was already carved out with ‘Marry Me’.

What a great way to propose!

Katy and Tyler are calm, sweet and collective.  But their eyes and smiles dance and sing when they see each other.  Their friends on the other hand are expressive, hilarious and loud when it comes to expressing their love for Katy and Tyler!  And they know how to cut a rug.

See the slideshow below or click here to see the full screen version.

Wedding and Receptioin:  St. Paul’s United Methodist and The Alumni Center

Caterer:   Fran Doxee

Bartenders:  On the Rocks

DJ:  Steve Christian

Cake:  Diane Walters

Flowers:  Missy Gunnels

Makenzie’s Belly

Makenzie flew all the way from Colorado just so I could shoot her cute little belly. Ok, maybe she came to town to spend Thanksgiving with her family and wanted to add some belly shots to her week. You say tomato, I say tamato.

First, the belly shot.

Makenzie and Shawn know how to work the camera. I like the edgy, laid back, attitude feel of these images.

Meet my all time favorite belly shot. Beautiful belly and body!

Shawn is already protective over his little one. I love it when Dads are already in love before they even see their baby. Bruce just thought I was gaining weight at a rapid speed.

They are waiting for the birth day to find out if they need to purchase a black baker skateboard or a pink one with little rhinestones.

And a picture with just some of the people they will be spending Thanksgiving day with.

The H Family

My little Campbell! Ok, he’s not mine but I have known him since the day his mommy found out she was going to have a baby. He is getting so big.

Here he is at 12 hours old.

Now look at him. Four whole months old.

Jess rocking out the heels. Looking good. Joey, your not too hard to look at yourself.

My daddy is funny and my mommy is pretty.

Happy Birthday To Me

Sunday was my birthday. What did I do you ask.

I stayed in bed a little longer in the morning. Bruce got my favorite breakfast. Pork chops from Cracker Barrel. Ate it in bed. Took a long nap. Got my favorite meal from Osaka for dinner. Habachi steak and rice. Ate it in bed.

And I also got the following as a present…

No. Not sunglasses or a beautiful, floppy, pink hat.

I got eyelash extensions!!!

They so rock! My sister from California came in town yesterday and this was the first thing I asked for.  They make me look 10 years younger (that and photoshop :).

The best part, I stayed in bed while she did them.

Thanks Kathie! I love them long time!

Oh and Bruce, you get one of these lovely images of me to display on your desk.