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Little Cade has arrived!

Natalie and Aaron’s Wedding Slideshow

Natalie and Aaron met at work, they were friends that grew into a little bit more with each day.  Can you just picture all the flirting that must of went on between these two.

They are both expressive people which made capturing the ‘I Dos’ so easy.  Both of them could not keep a straight face when the officiant went into the details of how Aaron proposed to Natalie.

You can view the slideshow below or click here for a full screen version.

Wedding & Reception: The Retreat at Bradley’s Pond
Entertainment: GT Entertainment
Cake: Tasties Pastries

Double Header

I met up with two families to get some shots.

We will start with the S family.

Meet pretty little miss Madigan. What a great name. She is the only Madigan I know. Every time I see her at school, she is smiling away!

Roxanne was hanging out with me while I was editing. She loves babies. When she saw Wyatt, she asked, “What’s his name.” I answered, “Wyatt”. Then she would ask the same question again but in a lower voice. I gave the same answer, “Wyatt”. In an even lower voice, she asked the exact same question again.

I finally figured out that she thought I was saying “Quiet”. So I said, “The baby’s name is Wyatt”.

She said quitely, “Oh”.

Here is Madigan’s little brother, Wyatt.

Then we had the P family with their little boy Fisher. 18 months old! Exploring his world.

Two great mommies.

How about one big group shot!

Tall Timbers

This was the first shoot I have done at Tall Timbers. It has just about everything I need to make a good picture. Tall oaks with airy moss hanging down. Big open fields with tall pines in the distance. And a sort of rain forest with huge magnolia leaves. The light as the sun was setting was total eye candy for a photographer.

And it never hurts when you have beautiful people to photograph in this setting.

Let the show begin.

First up we have Ashton (my web page cover girl), Thatcher and Tullen. I found out for Halloween, Ashton will be a princess. Tullen a knight. And Thatcher is going to be a frog. What a great idea!

Sweet Mallory.

Thatcher will be one whole years old on Halloween!

This picture below was a happy accident. I switched lens and started testing out the light just shooting randomly tell I got the exposure right. Viola! I get this shot. Weeeeeeeeeee.

Mom and Dad, do you remember what it was like before the kiddies? hee hee.

Mike and Callie. Love me some redheads!

How did this happen? Everyone is looking at the camera!

Last but not least. The S family.