Monthly Archives: October 2008

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Pam & Derek’s Wedding

Pam & Derek are old souls.  She loves to be outside with her horses and Derek… Derek is a harvester.  He is quite capable of living off the land.

At the reception they served wine and beer that Derek made just for the wedding.  I had a sip of the Creme Ale and it was yummy.

His groom’s cake so far is my favorite of all the weddings.  It combined at least two of my loves (dollhouse minitatures and gardening).  It was a miniature garden!  Oh and a third love.  It was chocolate to boot!

Click here for the full screen version or see it below.  Enjoy!

The P Family

I usually start off pictures with the kids first and build up to the family shot.  While I was taking Casey’s picture, I looked over and saw mom huddled down on the ground and Brice was just a hugging on her.  The sun was behind them and it was beautiful.  I asked Casey to go over there and give mom some love.

So I am starting this one with my favorite image from the shoot.

Now it’s Dad’s turn.



The boys and their puppies.  The littlest one is the newest addition.  Meet Seven.

The V Family

Little Joey has the best lips and eyes.

Joey is going to be Indiana Jones for Halloween.

His little sister, Katie.

Let me try on the hat.  Yep, perfect fit.

Look at me!  I’m a flamingo.

Pam & Derek

Pam and Derek were married this past Saturday at Good Shepherd!

Slideshow of the wedding will be up on Friday.

What could they be discussing…