Monthly Archives: September 2008

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Zachary and Taylor Grace

Zachary is a little boy that enjoys all the things that little boys do. Running, looking for bugs and playing in water.

Taylor Grace is all girl. She is bows and bracelets and sweet little smiles.

And mom loves every minute of both their world!


I do love checking the mail!  You never know when a package might arrive from my glamorous, jet setting sister from Hollywood.  It is usually toys or awesome clothes for the kids.  Well today, it was the most beautiful jewelry for Rox, Danielle and me!

I received the earrings that are topaz.  My birthstone.  Rox received the bracelet with the word ‘dream’ and a brilliant purple gemstone.  Danielle ran off with her necklace so I did not get to capture it today.

Her shop will be named after our paternal grandmother.  We both love her name and I was hoping to one day name another little girl after her.  But for now, Kathie’s jewelry shop will suffice.  Here are two pieces from Kathie’s store… LULA.

Ramsey and Makenna

I have not seen these two in almost a year.  In the words of my dad, “These two, are just plum pretty”.

Emily’s Belly

Emily and Adam are getting ready for baby Madeleine to make her appearance in just a few short weeks!

This is my first belly where the belly button is an outie. Love it!

Adam is laughing so hard at Emily that it is causing Emily to laugh just as hard. Madeleine is going to have lots of fun with these two.