Monthly Archives: August 2008

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Sarah & Brad

I love, love finding new places to shoot.  Since Brad’s family has a beach house in Carabelle, he and Sarah new where all the hot spots were.  Carabelle is a vast, forlorn beauty all its own.  Especially right before the sun sets.

Sarah and I were willing to go everywhere and try everything.  Even in scary, abandoned buildings with huge ‘No Trespassing’ signs.  Brad was our protector, looking out for our well being.

Loving all these shots.  Sarah and Brad are pretty easy on the eyes.


Kids are my favorite subjects. So true in all their feelings. Here is Julien, one happy little boy with chunky cheeks.

My puppy, Carolina.


Steph, are you up!  Hope you are seeing these.

Jamie Claire’s canvases came in today.  I love them both and wish they were staying with me instead of getting shipped to Atlanta.

To quote miss Kylene, “Holy geez, she is gorgeous!”

Hannah’s Memory Shot